Propel yourself to the next level with powerful career coaching!

I’m Stacy Smyk-Santiago and I love helping people figure out how to use their full potential so they can be successful and confident doing what they love every day.

Do you feel stressed, stagnant, and undervalued?

Are you stuck running on the task treadmill and dreaming of something better?

Want to wake up in the morning excited to do work that you love?

I’ll help you trade in your pain for a balanced career and life that’s full of passion and impact.

I thrive on helping people define, brand, and communicate their greatest skills, achievements, and passion so they can attract a new career opportunity that will give them renewed energy, confidence and success.

Does this describe you?

  • Successful in professional career
  • Smart and passionate about what you love to do
  • Value work-life balance, but don’t have it yet
  • Perfectionist juggling it all
  • Have abundant strengths, but not fully using them
  • Committed, ambitious…but what’s next?
  • Highly verbal communicator
  • Seek to increase value and visibility
  • Want to create fulfillment, not just money and title

If yes, then we’re aligned for powerful career results: Find out if career coaching is right for you

I’ll be direct and honest – here’s what you need to know to get what you want. Check it out in the two minute video below!

Who am I? What’s my brilliance that I bring to you?

I’m your holistic cheerleader, challenger, and career expert with a dazzling ability to communicate, organize, and create.

We all love sweets, but this career coaching is NOT sugar coated. You wanna change your game? You’ve got to be ready.

I think outside the box, see things you can’t, and ignite the spark to change your life.

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What do I get if Stacy is my Career Coach?

  1. Tough and honest questions you’re not asking yourself
  2. Clear understanding of your career passion and brilliance
  3. Motivation for micro-changes leading to immediate improvement
  4. Comprehensive, concrete process
  5. Insight and confidence from pushing out of your comfort zone
  6. A tangible, fulfillment blueprint to make the best decision
  7. Clear definition of transferable skills
  8. Detailed goals to move you forward
  9. Action plan of accountability
  10. Branded resume and LinkedIn, interview skills, job search strategy

Want more results? See real client outcomes.

What are my coaching specialties?

  • Increasing confidence
  • Fighting gremlins (negative self-talk messages)
  • Clearly defining transferable skills
  • Articulating brand, brilliance, and value
  • Creating a rockstar LinkedIn profile that gets attention
  • Understanding emotional triggers and overcoming weaknesses
  • Improving performance through communication strategy
  • Observing negative or ineffective behavior patterns and how to change them
  • Providing light-bulb insight you can’t see!
  • Discovering and achieving a fulfilling career path in which you’re happy to get up and rule the day

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